The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee


George Edward Tait
not only the Poet Laureate of Harlem
the Poet Laureate of Black & New Afrikan freedom fighting
the Poet Laureate of our 30 & 40 year unjustly imprisoned
BPP/BLA/RNA freedom fighters
this here
Poet Laureate makes it his business
to answer the call
when we who work on their behalf
the Jericho Movement
the Sekou Odinga Defense Committee
he answers the call
in the language
of Resistance & Freedom & mighty mighty Mau Mau rhythms
loud & proud
fierce & strong
self-determined & courageous
armed & ready to defend
our PP/POWs
pen in hand
truth-telling bullets of Afrikan warriorwords
aimed at this criminal enterprise of u.s. injustice
making plain
what others
even some of us
choose to
George Edward Tait
our Poet Laureate brother
puts it down
keeps on pushing us on
reminding & teaching
that our freedom is a constant struggle
this here struggle is protracted
days & weeks & months & years & generations & centuries
millenniums deep
& he don’t stop
& we don’t stop
till there ain’t no such thing as “Political Prisoner Blues”

Poetcetera 30th Anniversary Tribute to George Edward Tait
déqui kioni-sadiki - January 27th 2013